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Felicia Ferrone

Salvioni is Felicia Ferrone official dealer

Located in Chicago and Milan, the Felicia Ferrone brand concentrates its production on creating design accessories and furnishings where the quality is high-end and designed to reproduce extremely high standards. Glasses, home accessories and numerous furnishing proposals make up a catalog of extreme beauty, inspired by the most varied use of materials and perspectives that Felicia Ferrone, a leading designer on the international scene, is able to imagine.

Felicia Ferrone glasses

Among the proposals of the brand it is impossible not to include the successful series of Bessho glasses, declined in the different possibilities and needs of the table. No less relevant is the Dearborn collection with carafes, cocktail glasses and numerous other sizes for different drinks. Also interesting are the Flight and Frances series, Margot, May, Rasori, Revolution, Rila, Sofia, Stella and Tulip. This last series, in particular, stands out for the line of the glass, softer and more rounded than the others; perfect for those who love a clearer reference to tradition.

Felicia Ferrone design

But FFerrone does not only deal with glasses. The production also ranges in home furnishings with bookcases, benches, mirrors and tables in different materials, shapes and sizes. In stark contrast to the impalpability of the glass, Felicia Ferrone uses here harder finishes, with clear and unmistakable colors, to create a real mix of taste. Even the Ahn series, which includes a small table, a sideboard and an etagere, stand out for the peculiarity of the shapes and combinations used. An almost sculptural hardness defines these elements of everyday furniture, offering the enthusiast a completely new sensation.

Lastly, we mention the various accessories where a minimalist and essential appeal is strongly perceived, aimed at reflecting the absolute fluidity of the contours and dimensions. Function and aesthetics collide in giving life to unique objects, destined to last over time at the expense of temporary fashions and fantasies.

Felicia Ferrone official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and FFerrone collaborate to offer their customers different furnishing possibilities, strong and elegant at the same time. The chaste range of elements for the table and convivial spaces accentuate a unique and personal character, inspired by beauty. The brand’s proposals are available in the showrooms of Milan, Inverigo and Lugano.