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Salvioni is Fiam official dealer

FIAM Italia has a unique and well-defined vocation: glass. The great skill of the FIAM workers in the processing of curved glass has allowed the company to become the reference point for all designers who want to get the best out of this material. Indeed, the complex production processes facing glass are only possible thanks to a unique blend of technology and craftsmanship. The FIAM glass furnishings are therefore very modern, yet they maintain an innate classical elegance in the proportions that make them truly timeless furniture.

Fiam furniture

The key figure in the history of FIAM is Vittorio Livi, who founded the company in 1973 in Tavullia (Marche), crowning a passion for glass that had characterized his entire life. Enlightened and devoted entrepreneur, Vittorio Livi has personally designed some of the tables, small tables and accessories of the FIAM collections, leading the company to win a prestigious Compasso d’Oro for his career in 2001.

The Ragno table is one among many other furniture pieces carrying the Vittorio Livi’s signature, the first glass table made with a single slab. However, the company’s creativity is not limited to its founder: there are numerous great designers from all over the world involved with their projects, such as Cini Boeri with the Ghost armchair, true icon of the brand, Angelo Cortesi with the Ponte small table or Rodolfo Dordoni with the Luxor table.

Particularly rich and appreciated is the collection of mirrors, with models such as the Caadre mirror by Philippe Starck, the Christine mirror by Helidon Xhixha and Dante O. Benini or the Pop mirror by Marcel Wanders. A FIAM unicum is the collection of TV mirrors with a built-in television. The FIAM catalog also includes items such as bedside tables, chairs, display cabinets, storage units, bookcases, shelves, desks, office furniture and much more, always with glass as the only polar star.

Fiam design

The few equal mastery that FIAM has shown in the processing of glass has attracted the interest of many important designers from all over the world, who with this company have been able to better measure themselves with a material such as crystal. In the FIAM catalog it’s possible to find great names like Philippe Starck, Daniel Libeskind, Massimiliano Fuksas, Vico Magistretti, Xavier Lust, Enzo Mari, Marcel Wanders, Massimo Morozzi, Patrick Jouin and many others.

Fiam official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official FIAM dealer. Many product of FIAM are exhibited in the Salvioni showrooms of Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, in the province of Como, where the customer can also find a team of interior designers completely at his disposal for the design of domestic environments. The logistic of Salvioni has great experience in shipping all over the world, also for furniture made of a delicate material such as glass.