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Salvioni is Flexform official dealer

Born in 1959 in the heart of Brianza district of furnishings, Flexform is a company that exported the style and the Italian taste of comfort all over the world. Originally founded by the Galimberti brothers as a small artisan workshop for the production of beds, sofas and armchairs, since the beginning the company has expressed the purpose to achieve timeless elegance, averse to the passing fad and inspired by a concept of absolute comfort.

Evolving over time in a true industry, Flexform has initiated many important collaborations with renowned designers and architects such as Joe Colombo, Asnago and Vender and Cini Boeri.

Flexform sofas

Sofas and armchairs are the core business of Flexform production. Marked by a sober elegance, these products embody the utmost expression of the high-end excellence of the Made in Italy design. Projected with the aim to give a complete comfort experience, Flexform collections differ from the other brand for the use of precious materials and fabrics, leather and finishes, accompanied by color palettes ranging from warm gray to neutral ivory and sand tones.

The company also offers all types of living furnitures such as tables, dining and small tables, chairs, chaise longues and armchairs such as the Feel Good stool and the little armchairs. There is also a rich proposal for the night area, enriched by elegant beds and sofa beds. Among Flexform’s production, there is also the Infinity bookcase designed by Antonio Citterio and the eclectic Tube Chair by Joe Colombo. A more international-flavored example of the company’s production is the Flexform-Mood collections.

Flexform design

The long-term cooperation with the Architect Antonio Citterio has significantly shaped the aesthetics of the brand; from this partnership the iconic pieces of Flexform’s design furnishings  were born such as the Groundpiece and Sunny sofa and other more contemporary products like the Lario, Grandemare and Soft Dream sofas.

Flexform official dealer

The Savioni’s team has been working with Flexform for years. The company’s collections and the most iconic products are available in Salvioni’s showrooms of Inverigo, Milan and Lugano to ensure a direct experience of the renowned branded comfort.