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Fornace Brioni

Salvioni is Fornace Brioni official dealer

Fornace Brioni bases its tradition in the restoration of historic floors combined with solid and very far-sighted research into hand-crafted terracotta. The analysis of the potential offered by this material has reached truly important goals with Fornace Brioni which today is able to propose it as a real furnishing element for the modern home, a variant of new taste and totally rethought in a contemporary key for a complete re-edition of the tradition.

Fornace Brioni Cotto

The terracotta comes from a mixture of clay and water to which fire and the inevitable human expertise are added which in Fornace Brioni is able to create unique shapes of great artisan importance. Under the solid artistic direction of Cristina Celestino, the company has been able to reinterpret the Renaissance heritage of terracotta by re-proposing geometries and bas-reliefs, dimensions and combinations of formats in a completely new way in a process capable of transforming craftsmanship into design.

Designed in this way, terracotta is able to show its infinite variations of color and consistency, becoming smooth and porous, simple and refined, elegant and rustic and much more depending on the need. The potential is almost infinite and the variations of the same in indoor and outdoor environments may be even more exceptional.

Fornace Brioni Design

The Fornace Brioni collections include the different aspects of the home, from wall coverings to floors without neglecting objects and compositions for the outside. The range of colors and textures makes the company’s catalog particularly vivid and adaptable to the countless needs of the modern home where you want to add an unexpected touch, a voice out of the chorus that makes the whole more characteristic and distinctive.

Fornace Brioni Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Fornace Brioni collaborate to offer enthusiasts from all over the world an innovative version of an art that seemed to have been lost over time and which today instead returns to the fore in a completely new vision, ready to satisfy the needs of those who they want to create unique and impactful environments. The company’s proposals are available in the showrooms of Milan, Como and Lugano.