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Salvioni is Gessi official dealer

International leader company in the design sector of the taps, in just over a quarter of a century history Gessi has completely revolutionized the traditional world of taps, bringing in this field the proverbial charge of Italian design innovation. Gessi’s taps reveal themselves as sophisticate objects, able to put themselves in the center of a project that, instead being seen as normal accessory elements. The collections for the bathroom and kitchen are completely coordinated, just to exalt the different peculiarity necessary for every situation.


Gessi taps and fittings

Gessi’s history starts in 1992, with the foundation by Umberto Gessi near the famous industrial district of Valsesia. The aim is immediately really clear: transforming a product traditionally always identical to itself as the tap in a real design piece. Since forever the company has found its own style in the minimalism, exemplified by the well-known tap Rettangolo, placed side by side in the latest years with shapes inspired to the nature harmony, as for the new tap Equilibrio.

Gessi is active in the private wellness sector too, with fall mouth, shower recess systems and so on, arriving to offer the possibility to create small domestic spas, real wellness oasis. One aspect that the company has always focused on is the search for renowned international certifications that offer guarantees on its products: today Gessi is one of the few companies that has a triple recognition for quality, environment and safety.

Gessi design

The attention to the design is the aspect that had always differentiated Gessi from the other taps and fittings companies and that’s why it has a special role in the business strategies. A sustainable design, careful to the environment rights, which has brought to the creation of an industrial establishment unique in the world: the Gessi Park, absorbed in the green, bright and clear. Prestigious names such as the Red Dot Design Ward certify this commitment.

Gessi official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Gessi official dealer. With showrooms in Mlian, Lugano and Inverigo, Salvioni’s network offers itself as an international hub for the architecture and interior design. From the bathroom to the kitchen, Salvioni’s architects occupy about the realization of every domestic rooms, with project cured in every minimum detail and pointed to an international and self-conscious clientele.