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Salvioni is Giacobazzi official dealer

The history of Giacobazzi begins in 1930 from a small company focused on woodworking and flooring. Over time, the quality and skills of the company have increasingly evolved and refined to become one of the main players in the sector at an Italian and international level. The adoption of efficient processing techniques and the continuous renewal of the production set-up have contributed to creating a well-defined and recognizable identity combined with an unparalleled quality of raw materials.

Giacobazzi Floors

Giacobazzi articulates its numerous skills in floors, boiserie, tiles and ceramics, creating for each a true nucleus of innovative shapes and graphics. Among the wooden floors it is impossible not to mention Arrocco, a collection that pays homage to the Italian neo-Moorish style. Among the essences, a cornerstone of taste and quality stands out: oak available in numerous finishes including oiled, brushed, varnished and more in order to guarantee the perfect shade and preferred treatment.

Giacobazzi also experiments with the art of recovering “waste” wood and giving it a second life. The collection of the same name is made up of briccole from the lagoon, recycled walnut and old beams of various origins, completely refurbished without losing the rustic characteristics which will constitute its most peculiar feature.

No less relevant are the graphic collections, created to create a stylistic element not only for floors but also for walls. Real coverings where the skilful use of colour, geometric shapes and combinations creates artistic suggestions of incredible beauty. “Forme” represents the three-dimensional element which acquires aesthetic and artistic value with multi-volume boiserie.

Giacobazzi Woods

“Mattonelle” and “Carbon” originate from the recovery and acquisition of particularly valuable techniques in woodworking to create sophisticated floors or incredibly refined boiserie, where the tactile sensation combines with visual satisfaction. The last one we have “Ceramics”, a set of volumes that emerge and immerse themselves in the surface to create even more multifaceted and surreal atmospheres.

Giacobazzi Official Dealer

Giacobazzi boiserie, coverings and flooring are available in the Salvioni showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Como to offer a proposal of quality and great artistic value. The passion for wood as well as its variations in everyday life offer unique ideas for high-end furnishings.