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Salvioni is Glamora official dealer

Since 2010, the year of its foundation, Glamora has channelled its production into the creation of wall coverings of great beauty inspired by art, design, nature and more. The entire productive spirit of the company consists precisely in giving life to backgrounds of rare beauty, where the imaginative spirit and the absolute exaltation of materials, shapes and geometries are strongly perceived. Quality is, as always, a fundamental item in the production cycle, therefore each phase is carefully checked and improved each time in order to give life to the absolute best in this sector.

Glamora wallpapers

Glamora’s style is expressed in the search for classic and refined canons, designed to define a contemporary and coherent identity. In the same way, however, this company aims at the recognition and uniqueness of the product each time embellished with fine personal details that make it unique in its kind. The strategies used, as well as the continuous experimentation on each material, make the products always new and unexpected, authentic jewels of our time.

The Glamora collections are periodically renewed based on multiple inspirational themes, always offering new subjects and declined in a vast range of colors that correspond to an ideal of timeless beauty and elegance. Creative Collection is the most multifaceted collection that enriches the Glamora catalog with a new chapter every year. Special Edition, on the other hand, is a more thematic collection where a strong component of inspiration is perceived, unitary and coherent, declined in the various subjects.

Glamora collections

Among the numerous works of the company it is impossible not to mention Constantinople, Mistras and Verona, each inspired by nature and structural design. No less interesting are Calais and Taormina, Pompeii, Athens, Rome and Naples, incredible representations of the homonymous cities of art. Color dominates in Become Ocean and GlassWorks, Alina and Different Trains, sealing a strong appeal with nature clearly visible in Cascade, Kew Gardens and Miracle. However, the experimentation does not stop and leads to the most extravagant fantasies in By the Bay, Orangerie and Callisto. However, the Special Editions wallpapers bring with them numerous suggestions including Genesis Collection, Capri Collection, Hydra Collection and Komorebi Collection.

Glamora official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Glamora collaborate to offer enthusiasts from all over the world unique solutions for their homes and for numerous other spaces where the need is felt to enrich the walls with a unique and highly personal touch. The variety of subjects proposed by Glamora translates into notable sources of inspiration that are different and full of suggestion each time. Glamora solutions are available in the Milan, Inverigo and Lugano showrooms.