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House of Finn Juhl

Salvioni is House of Finn Juhl official dealer

House of Finn Juhl is a company with ancient origins whose history begins in 1912 precisely with the figure of Finn Juhl, its greatest source of inspiration to whom it owes all its collections. After a brilliant course of study at the Danish Academy of Architecture, Fin Juhl made his debut in the world of interior design at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition with his Grasshopper chair, immediately placed at the center of attention for its shapes inspired by the animal world. In 1940 Finn Juhl still stands out for the Pelican Chair and the Pelican Table, two pieces destined to become design icons together with the Poet sofa and the Bone Chair, characteristic works of the sector destined to mark time and still dominate the scene today with own inimitable personalities.

House of Finn Juhl pieces

There are many works that have led Finn Juhl to stand out in the panorama of international product design. Among the many projects that bear his signature we mention the Chieftain chair, the Egyptian chair, the Baker sofa, the Cocktail table and the France chair. Each work is dominated by attention to detail and the constant search for the unconventional aimed at arousing unexpected sensations and impressions in the observer. However, Finn Juhl’s genius also stood out in the creation of architectural projects, exhibitions and installations all over the world, including the famous “Fallingwater”, the house suspended in the greenery in Pennsylvania.

House of Finn Juhl design

From 1970 onwards, Finn Juhl’s creative drive diminished, thus giving way to numerous and heartfelt retrospective shows, exhibitions and collaborations with illustrious international designers eager to learn from the master and experience successful collaborations with him. House of Finn Juhl carries on the prestigious legacy of the homonymous designer, based on tradition and craftsmanship matured over the years and increasingly perfected in order to create elements destined to last over time.

House of Finn Juhl official dealer

The collaboration between Salvioni Design Solutions and House of Finn Juhl aims to enrich the catalog proposal with the prestigious products designed by Finn Juhl, full of beauty and charm still unchanged today. The richness of the proposals offers the customer an almost inexhaustible range of choices, ideal for those who want to furnish the spaces of their home with taste and class.