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Salvioni is Illulian official dealer

Illulian was born as a company producing high-end handmade carpets; an illustrious tradition that has increased its prestige for over 60 years also thanks to collaboration with designers of extreme international importance. Born in 1959, Illulian settled in Milan in the design district from which absorbed and relaunched the stylistic ferment, giving life to extremely prestigious collections that have increasingly established themselves on the international scene. The artistic direction of the Davis and Bendis Ronchetti brothers has been able to keep tradition alive by adding an eye towards contemporary trends and the most recent technological innovations to be applied to the production cycle.

Illulian Rugs

The Illulian collections range between different styles and tastes to meet the needs of a diversified and international clientele. Among the design proposals we mention Arketipo, Bahia, Blast 01, Blocks, Brera, Brooklyn, Curly and District, carpets characterized not only by fine finishes but also by a search for geometric, fractal designs and in general aimed at enhancing abstract visual games. The Palace collection, on the other hand, features more noble and refined designs, where the retro style stands out on modern bases creating an optimal contrast.

Among the Limited collections we find the most radical pieces where shape, dimensions and geometries lose meaning to give life to iconic products with extreme stylistic momentum. Cocarde, Chirico, Area, Dazzle, Deko and Distortion are just some examples of this taste that is not afraid to dare and amaze. The Essential collection lives on a minimal and moderate taste, where the research carried out in the materials and colors that are never invasive but decidedly characterizing is strongly perceived.

Illulian Design

The Marina collection, on the other hand, is an absolutely personal and iconic tribute to the sea, as well as its many facets whether you look at it from above but also and above all from below, entering the blue. Capri, Bora Bora, Amalfi and many others live with colors and maritime references, as well as the fauna related to them. The Kids collection is obviously the most playful and fun, with shapes and designs ideal for furnishing children’s bedrooms and small play spaces. A special mention goes to The Antique Rugs collection, made up of ancient rugs given contemporary personality and dignity.

Illulian Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Illulian collaborate to offer extremely beautiful carpet collections to customers and enthusiasts from all over the world. The Illulian proposal is able to reach the most diverse requests, finding its ideal location every time regardless of the desired environment. The brand’s proposals are available in the Salvioni spaces in Milan, Como and Lugano.