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Ivano Redaelli

Salvioni is Ivano Redaelli official dealer

Luxury and high class beds, with matching linen of fine quality: this is Ivano Redaelli’s proposal for the sleeping area, unique in its genre. The bedroom by Ivano Redaelli not only becomes a resting area, but also a setting to live fully, in contact with esteemed fabrics such as cachemire, leathers, furs and chamois. The coordinated textiles of the brand are particularly valued, from the bed sheets to the plaids, from the blankets to the douvet covers, which, just like all the beds, sofas and furnishing by Ivano Redaelli make up proper exaples of design haute couture in the branch of Made in Italy’s excellence.

Ivano Redaelli beds

The company was born in the branch of the renewed textile tradition of Como with the name Redaelli Ricami (Redaelli’s Embroidery), founded by Piero Redaelli and dedicated in particular to hand-embroidered linen. Piero’s sons Ivano and Nicoletta extended the brand’s style firstly in sleeping area’ furniture and afterwards also in day area’s furniture. Products like the You and Me bed designed in collaboration with Ennio Arosio or the Glamour circular bed where thus born, soon becoming true classics.

Others among the furnishing proposed by the brand are comfortable sofas like the Park Avenue model by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, coffee tables like the Smarties model by Paola Navone and poufs like Harper by Enrico Cesana, together with unique products like the Pret-à-Porter wardrobe by Studiopepe and the suspended armchair Swing, also available in its outdoor version.

Ivano Redaelli design

Ivano Redaelli’s textiles collections are Italy-wide renewed and they follow an aesthetic approach coming from the fashion world, which values to its maximum the quality of the materials. Touch does not lie: linens, pillows and plaids by Ivano Redaelli are a real pleasure in contact with the skin. Alongside these there is a line fully dedicated to the bathroom, with bathrobes, linens and towels, and a selection of soft rugs.

Ivano Redaelli official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is the official Ivano Redaelli dealer for Milan, Inverigo (Como) and Lugano. Salvioni’s interior designers have great experience in the interior decoration field and are available and able to guide the costumer in his choice of fine textiles Ivano Redaelli in the scope of a complete design of domestic spaces.