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Salvioni is Karakter official dealer

Karakter is a Danish brand specialized in the production of furniture, lighting and accessories. Its founders, Christian Bjerg Elving and Kim Mekawi, have created a brand with a strong minimalist personality, whose strong use of synthetic lines typical of Nordic design gives elegance and functionality. Karakter was recently acquired by the Lifestyle Design group which distributes its products through Cassina and its international sales network.

Karakter Lighting

Karakter’s beauty consists in the stylistic research of the new and the unexpected, where each individual product does not respond exclusively to the question of being something, but also to the possibility of solving a specific problem or meeting needs that have not been expressed until then.

Sharp lines, bold colors and supreme conceptual essentialism delineate in Karakter all the furniture collections and above all the lamps where the extreme originality of design prevails. The taste of the brand finds here the perfect combination of functionalism and aesthetics, suitable for any type of environment.

Karakter Design

The enormous potential of Karakter also consists in including old and new names among its designers, annexing milestones such as Achille Castiglioni, Angelo Mangiarotti, Joe Colombo and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni alongside new talents such as Aldo Bakker, Guillaume Delvigne, Bodil Kjær, Paul McCobb, Christian Haas and others.

Karakter Dealer

Salvioni is an official Karakter dealer. The incredible vastness of the brand catalog is available in the showrooms of Milan, Inverigo and Lugano, ready to furnish homes and residences around the world. Karakter’s elegance therefore becomes a precious variation to Salvioni’s assortment, giving the choice a tasty Nordic note.