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Salvioni is Koyori official dealer

Koyori was born from the union of Japanese manufacturing industries specialized in the production of high quality objects where style and care for tradition are strongly perceived. The brand name derives from Koyori, which is”twisted paper cords”, a traditional material used to create Mizuhiki, decorative ornamentation used on greeting cards as an auspicious sign at weddings and other special events. This alliance has been able to blend tradition and innovation into a whole of great beauty, giving rise to extremely valuable collections, perfect for captivating the international design market.

Koyori furniture

Koyori can boast in its catalog numerous proposals for chairs and armchairs with an exquisitely refined taste, capable of blending different materials such as wood, textiles and leather into harmonious elements. Among the best known, there are the Miau series, the Kawara series and the Musubi, expression of a concept gradually declined in numerous personalities.

Koyori design

Koyori collaborates with very talented designers, including Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec who are responsible for the Kawara, Musubi and Shaku chairs. The last one in particular amazes for the essentiality of the shapes as well as for the capability of minimizing the extension of the wooden seat and the structure. Equally interesting is the work of the duo GamFratesi, milestones of contemporary design from whose genius the Miau armchair is born. The stylistic references of both designers seem to come from northern Europe and Scandinavian design, but equally recall the stylistic abilities of Japan and its poetic and singular forms.

Koyori official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions proposes among the many catalog choices the Koyori brand, elegant and refined, ideal for those who want to give a touch of uniqueness to their home furniture. The Koyori proposals are distinguished by the careful processing of the wood and the selection of models with a unique taste, strongly characterized, able to best enhance the craftsmanship potential of each component used.