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Salvioni is Kristalia official dealer

Kristalia is defined as a “jazz design company” by its founders, a group of young entrepreneurs who are great lovers of this kind of music. For them design is rhythm, dialogue, innovation and also conscientious improvisation, that is the ability to free all the best creative energies. Kristalia offers furniture with a fresh and captivating style, in which the signs of the great Nordic design are evident, combined with the great know-how of the local artisan supply chain, the roots of the company. The focus of his production is centered on tables and chairs, but the Kristalia catalog also extends itself to different types of furnishing accessories.

Kristalia furniture

Two are the cornerstones of the Kristalia furnishing offer: seats, such as chairs, stools, benches and poufs, and tables, available in every possible variant (extendable, fixed, bistro, outdoor, small tables). Among the products of the first type, we mention the award-winning Elephant chair by Neuland Industriedesign, the BCN plastic stool by Harry & Camila and the very thin Bikappa chair by Bartoli Design.

Among the tables, often available in the extendable version or in special finishes that make them suitable for outdoor use, we note the Thin-k series by Luciano Bertoncini, characterized by the incredible subtlety of the top. Also important are the Monica’s round table Oops Graffeo and the Nori table by Bartoli Design, convertible into a desk version thanks to the insertion of a cable hole.

Kristalia design

The company is absorbed in a collaborative atmosphere and a continuous search for innovative ideas. This have led Kristalia to work with a large number of established designers on the international scene, such as Patrick Norguet, author of the Tuile collection of armchairs and sofas, Christophe Pillet , with its outdoor coffee table model TNP, LucidiPevere, Kensaku Oshiro, Carlo Bartoli, Luca Nichetto and Paolo Zani.

Kristalia official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Kristalia’s official dealer. The Salvioni showrooms are located in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo (Como) and host a team of interior designers specialized in the creation of complete and coordinated domestic environments, in which each element finds its place harmoniously.