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LinBrasil is one of the most famous brands of authentic Brazilian design internationally. The entire production of the brand is dedicated to re-editions of the most famous works of one of the great masters of South American design of the 20th century, the timeless Sergio Rodrigues. Rodrigues’ creations bear traces of an unmistakable sign, vintage and exotic at the same time, yet still very modern. Among their main strengths is the extensive use of natural materials and in particular wood: one of the most recognizable aspects of the brand is the use of typical Brazilian essences such as imbuia, lively and colourful, so different from wood Europeans and North Americans who dominate the current design landscape. Among the most recognizable products of the brand, the Mole armchair certainly stands out, a great icon of 20th century Brazilian design.

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Versions LinBrasil Cantu Chair

LinBrasil Cantu Chair LinBrasil Cantu Chair Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Diz Armchair

LinBrasil Diz Armchair LinBrasil Diz Armchair Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Katita Chair

LinBrasil Katita Chair LinBrasil Katita Chair Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Kilin Armchair

LinBrasil Kilin Armchair LinBrasil Kilin Armchair Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Mole Armchair

LinBrasil Mole Armchair LinBrasil Mole Armchair Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Mole Sofa

LinBrasil Mole Sofa LinBrasil Mole Sofa Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Mucki Bench

LinBrasil Mucki Bench LinBrasil Mucki Bench Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Nine Stool

LinBrasil Nine Stool LinBrasil Nine Stool Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Oscar Chair

LinBrasil Oscar Chair LinBrasil Oscar Chair Sergio Rodrigues 

Versions LinBrasil Parker Table

LinBrasil Parker Table LinBrasil Parker Table Sergio Rodrigues 

LinBrasil Hystory

Telling the story of LinBrasil means retracing the trajectory of two exceptional personalities and their meeting: on the one hand Sergio Rodrigues, considered by art historians to be the man who brought Brazilian design into modernity, aligning it with the most advanced practices of European modernism without losing the characteristic freshness and immediacy of local tradition; on the other Gisèle Pereira Schwartsburd, coming from a family of furniture entrepreneurs but entirely dedicated in the first part of her life to arts such as dance and theatre, who since 2001 has decided to dedicate her efforts to giving new life to the productions of the great master.

Therefore, LinBrasil can be considered the ideal heir of OCA, founded in 1955 by Rodrigues himself to produce and distribute his creations on a small scale. The creations of the OCA had the merit of intercepting the social changes taking place in Brazil, a lively theater of cultural ferment that gave rise to musical currents such as Bossa Nova and artistic phenomena such as Cinema Novo, expressions of a bourgeoisie anxious to detach itself from the past and embrace more informal lifestyles and expressions. An informality perfectly embodied by the furniture of Sergio Rodrigues and in particular by his seats, chairs and armchairs which broke with the rigid classicist tradition allowing you to abandon your body to absolute comfort.

LinBrasil Furniture

Beloved by Oscar Niemeyer, Rodrigues’ creations were the protagonists of many interiors of the new national capital Brasilia, which saw the light of day in the 1960s. In the meantime, Sergio Rodrigues was also gaining fame abroad thanks to the many prizes he won at the Cantù International Furniture Competition, at the time a great meeting place for the elite of world design. With the closure of the OCA in 1968 Sergio Rodrigues continued his activity solely as an architect and designer, but the general public lost the possibility of accessing his creations. It is at this point that Gisèle comes into play, who in 1999 rediscovered the master’s creations which at the time were experiencing a period of relative oblivion at an exhibition held in Rio de Janeiro.

LinBrasil was born not as a producer but as a publisher and relies solely on local workers, guardians of a Brazilian artisan tradition that guarantees the authenticity of the products and their processing techniques. For the South American market it mainly uses woods such as tauari (Couratari oblongifolia), recommended by Brazilian environmental agencies for its low environmental impact, while for exports destined for the northern hemisphere, more stable woods are used which are more resistant to climatic variations .

LinBrasil Official Dealer

The Salvioni group has the ambition to offer its customers the most complete selection possible of the best of international design. Therefore, its proposal could not miss a selection dedicated to the great school of Brazilian design, perhaps less known than other national traditions but no less relevant. Surprising and fascinating, the LinBrasil products available in the Salvioni showrooms in Milan, Inverigo and Lugano constitute a rare and refined proposal, reserved for true connoisseurs.