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Salvioni is Martinelli Luce official dealer

With over seventy years of activity behind him, Martinelli Luce stands out as one of the great names in the history of design lighting in Italy. His fortunes are closely linked to those of the founder, the indefatigable Elio Martinelli, who personally designed many of the products in the catalog, including the famous Cobra and Serpente lamps. With simple and avant-garde shapes, inspired by nature or suggested by the application of new technologies, Martinelli lamps appear in the permanent collections of many design museums. The most famous is the  Pipistrello lamp by Gae Aulenti, a timeless icon.

Martinelli Luce Lamps

Martinelli Luce is based in Lucca, the birthplace of Elio Martinelli, who founded the company in the 1950s with the aim of personally constructing the lighting of the commercial establishments for which he designed the interior design. The vocation to lighting technology is still one of the souls of the brand, with spotlights like the Calabrone model designed by Emiliana Martinelli, Elio’s daughter and current company guide.

Thanks to his creations for residential projects, Martinelli becomes famous, with table lamps such as the Elmetto model, ceiling lights such as the Bolla model that stand out among the design symbols of the 60s and 70s. Among the Martinelli Luce suspension lamps stick out the playful Le Rondini lamp from the 1980s, the poetic Nuvole Vagabonde chandelier and the more recent Lunaop lamp.

Martinelli Luce Design

The Martinelli Luce catalog bears the strong imprint of Elio Martinelli and his daughter Emiliana, but also opens up to the contributions of several famous designers. In addition to the aforementioned Gae Aulenti, we should also mention the collaborations with Karim Rashid, author of the amazing Cyborg lamp, Paola Navone, with its Kiki suspension system, Sergio Asti, Richard Neutra, Marc Sadler, Michel Bouquillon and the couple Lella & Massimo Vignelli.

Martinelli Luce official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is  Martinelli Luce official dealer. Salvioni showrooms are located in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and welcome all the best of Made in Italy design. The Salvioni interior designer team takes care of complete dwelling projects, cared for down to the smallest detail.