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Salvioni is Maruni official dealer

Maruni is a Japanese company that since 1928, the year of its foundation, has been able to give life and carry on a path of tradition and innovation based on the wise use of wood and its intrinsic properties. The launch of the Maruni Collection and precious contribution of international designers such as Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison has strengthened and given impetus to the stylistic identity of Maruni, creating a real player in international furniture design.

Maruni furniture

Originally called Showa Bentwood Factory, in 1933 the company was renamed Maruni Wood Industry to move away from its manufacturing past based on the traditional Japanese production method. The goal was to become one of the first Japanese companies capable of entering a context of innovative mass furniture production in step with the times, able to communicate a strong and distinctive personality.

Maruni’s production focuses on different aspects of the modern home, offering an extremely elegant and sophisticated solution for every need, free of smudges but attentive to an essential, clean and functional taste. Maruni offers chairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables, armchairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, benches and stools. Each piece of furniture has a skilful use of wood, shaped to extract its intrinsic qualities. There are numerous variations of each object, presented in multiple aspects and solutions to better adapt to diversified home environments.

Maruni design

The production of Maruni boasts the contribution of highly selected designers whose touch marries and reconciles the style of the company in creating unique, perfectly identifiable objects. Here we mention Naoto Fukasawa, the art director of Maruni Collection and his numerous products for the living area. Stools and armchairs are distinguished by the attention to detail and the wise use of different materials. Indispensable is also the contribution of Jasper Morrison and Cecilie Manz. In addition, the duo SANAA and the creations of the architect Nendo translates into the spectacular rabbit-shaped chairs and Shoe-horn, an indispensable item for footwear.

Maruni official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions proposes within its catalog the products of the Maruni Company with the intention of offering its customers a choice of quality and taste out of the ordinary, strong in personality and able to translate the needs of our time. Sophisticated and precious, Maruni products give life to an authentic unconventional choice, an ideal complement for those who love to stand out.