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Salvioni is Mason Editions official dealer

Mason Editions was born as an international company specialized in the creation of handcrafted accessories and lighting. The highly creative cut of each element is combined with a high-end formal research, where design and passion intertwine, giving life to unique elements. The style of Mason Editions is based on the principle of innovation and harmony in all its parts, where each part intertwines with the others to create an inspired, new and characterizing whole.

Mason Editions objects

Among the numerous lighting proposals, Mason Editions proposes Karen and Heis, two examples of contemporary beauty using different materials such as glass, wood and stone. However, no less interesting are Amadea, Madamoiselle and Alby, conceptual challenges for our eye. However, the spearhead is certainly Lotus, a fine proposal for the home born from the union of glass and metal, sculpture and artistic culture.

Among the accessories, Mason Editions includes a wide range of trays, candle holders, vases, centerpieces and much more, finely designed to create harmony in any environment and space. The care taken in the Touché trays is undeniable, born from the harmonious union of two geometric figures, circle and line, for a unique result. The Mia vase collection wants to aim equally high thanks to the precious union of different materials and souls. No less relevant are the numerous vases in different materials and finishes, aimed at creating for everyone a suggestion of visual and tactile shapes and colors.

Mason Editions design

The furnishing proposals close the circle, each characterized by a profoundly different style and thought, united however by the desire to create something new and unique, capable of surprising and awakening the imagination. The Tresse and Twill mirrors stand out for the admirable intertwining of volumes capable of giving both models depth and relief. The Triplo and Cipputi side tables offer a valuable alternative to the simple coffee table. The unique shapes and colors are a note of personality and taste for both.

Mason Editions official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Mason Editions collaborate to create a unique furnishing proposal, which does not neglect any aspect of the house, even the apparently irrelevant one. Objects and accessories combine to fill spaces and give everyone their own usable dimension, at 360°.