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Salvioni is Miniforms official dealer

Miniforms was born from a passion for quality design, experimentation and the desire to always do something new, which always lifts and pushes beyond the threshold of the possible. Designing for Miniforms is a bit like confronting yourself but also with the unknown, creating objects that adapt to the international taste of all those who see the home as a place to express their personality. The Miniforms style deals with all aspects of the home, experimenting with unique perspectives where tradition is seen as a point of reference but also an ideal impetus towards innovation.

Minforms furniture

The world of Miniforms is divided into various furnishing proposals where wood and other materials are modeled and manipulated in order to extract the highest and most lively expression. The company’s craftsmanship skills help to create unique objects, alive and suitable for different furnishing contexts, from the more to the less formal. Among the Miniforms proposals we mention the numerous tables, coffee tables, containers, accessories, seats and lamps. The company’s chairs, stools, armchairs, sofas and beds stand out for their delicate shapes and the choice of unusual colours, the result of a skilful calibration aimed at enriching their shapes. Each product comes from a precise design between Nordic and minimal, rich and varied taste.

Miniforms design

Mirrors, hangers and accessories complete the vast range of interior solutions, suitable for satisfying the most heterogeneous needs for living spaces, sleeping areas, indoors and even outdoors. Every environment can be enriched and renewed thanks to the stylistic trait of Miniforms which does not neglect even the most difficult and insidious area of lighting. We mention here the iconic Caruso sideboard, the Mastea and Soda coffee tables, supreme expression of glass and colour, the Valerie chair, the Barry table and the Botera sofa. Each stands out for its elegance and originality.

Miniforms official dealer

The talent of Miniforms meets Salvioni Design Solutions in the numerous showrooms of the Salvioni network located in Milan, Como and Lugano. The large exhibition spaces host the company’s productions to offer the visitor a different, rich and at the same time absolutely valid choice. The brand integrates perfectly with the numerous other design proposals in the Salvioni catalogue, creating a visual impact of great beauty with each one.