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Salvioni is Missoni Home official dealer

The name Missoni immediately evokes the image of an unmistakable style: colors with pastel nuances but of strong vivacity, juxtaposed in a bold way and according to very recognizable patterns. The Missoni world is cheerful and joyful, inspired by a relaxed and carefree lifestyle that does not give up its characteristic elegance. The Missoni Home brand carries all this within the home, with a line of furnishings, fabrics and rugs that fully embrace the brand’s philosophy. Rosita Missoni personally takes care of the Missoni Home collections, in one of the most successful combinations of fashion and design, guaranteeing an authentic stylistic continuity between the maison and its home division.

Missoni Home furniture

The Missoni Home catalog includes furniture and furnishing accessories for all the different domestic environments, but also for the outdoors: sofas, chaise-longues, tables, chairs, beds, ottomans and armchairs allow you to design an entire Missoni branded home, soaked in its evocative atmospheres. The collection of textile accessories is extremely rich: from pillows to bed linen, through plaids and rugs, to towels and beach towels.

T&J Vestor

The entire Missoni Home collection is produced by T&J Vestor, one of the main Italian groups of home textiles. The bond between Missoni and T&J Vestor is however much more than a simple commercial partnership, which has lasted since 1983: “T” and “J” are in fact the initials of the two families that founded the brand, Torrani and Jelmini, one of which gave the born in Rosita Jelmini in Missoni. An intertwining of family ties and passion for one’s job which, as in the best Italian tradition, manages to give life to great excellence.

Missoni Home official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Missoni Home’s official dealer. Thanks to the showrooms of Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni group presents itself as a reference point for Italian and international design, offering furnishings from all the best brands in the sector and also allowing special attention to the selection of fabrics and custom finishes.