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Salvioni is MisuraEmme official dealer

MisuraEmme is a company that has its roots in the centuries-old craft tradition of Brianza. Throughout its long history, which began in 1902 with the foundation by the Mascheroni family, it has played a leading role in the vicissitudes of Italian design. In the years of industrialization, it has become important as one of the spearheads of the world of Made in Italy furniture, thanks to its factory of over 35,000 square meters in Mariano Comense which has guaranteed a productive force with few equals. In more recent years the brand has also distinguished itself for its marked environmental sensitivity, acquiring ecological painting systems.

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Versions Misuraemme AA1 Sofa Bed

Misuraemme AA1 Sofa Bed Misuraemme AA1 Sofa Bed Alvar Aalto 

Versions Misuraemme Ala Table

Misuraemme Ala Table Misuraemme Ala Table Ferruccio Laviani 

Versions Misuraemme AR1 Trolley

Misuraemme AR1 Trolley Misuraemme AR1 Trolley Alfred Roth 

Versions Misuraemme Beatrice Bed

Misuraemme Beatrice Bed Misuraemme Beatrice Bed Ennio Arosio 

Versions Misuraemme Crossing TV Unit

Misuraemme Crossing TV Unit Misuraemme Crossing TV Unit Mauro Lipparini 

Versions Misuraemme Elegie Bookshelf

Misuraemme Elegie Bookshelf Misuraemme Elegie Bookshelf Ignazio Gardella 

Versions Misuraemme Over TV Unit

Misuraemme Over TV Unit Misuraemme Over TV Unit Castiglia Associati 

Versions Misuraemme Palo Alto Walk-in Closet

Misuraemme Palo Alto Walk-in Closet Misuraemme Palo Alto Walk-in Closet Gianni Borgonovo 

Versions Misuraemme Segmenta New Wardrobe

Misuraemme Segmenta New Wardrobe Misuraemme Segmenta New Wardrobe Mauro Lipparini 

Versions Misuraemme Tao TV Unit

Misuraemme Tao TV Unit Misuraemme Tao TV Unit Mauro Lipparini 

MisuraEmme furniture

The MisuraEmme catalog ranges in all the different rooms of the house: from cabinets of all kind – hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes – to bookcases, such as the versatile Tao system or the innovative Crossing with suspended shelves. For the sleeping area there are numerous bed models, including the Sumo model by Mauro Lipparini or the Margareth bed by Marelli & Molteni, flanked by bedside tables and dressers.

The MisuraEmme dining area includes several models of tables and chairs and an appreciated collection of cupboards with a sober and linear taste. Even the upholstered collection allows a wide choice, with sofas and armchairs of excellent workmanship. Over the years MisuraEmme has also grown by acquiring important external brands, such as the Gab bedrooms and the Atelier collection, which have enriched the company’s production with re-editions of famous brands such as the timeless Alvar Aalto.

MisuraEmme design

For many years MisuraEmme has forged a strong partnership with the architect Mauro Lipparini, one of the most interesting designers of his generation, who has signed many of the brand’s leading products. Other important collaborations are those with designers such as Ferruccio Laviani, Ennio Arosio, Marco Piva, Luca Scacchetti and Andrei Munteanu, along with reissues by great masters such as Alavar Aalto and Ignazio Gardella.

MisuraEmme official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official MisuraEmme dealer. In our shop in Inverigo, located among the provinces of Como, Monza and Milan, a team of specialized interior designers is available to the customer, ready to take care of the complete design of the rooms in the house.