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Elegance and experimentation are the cornerstones of Ornami, a company specialized in the creation of unique furniture surfaces, designed to enhance and give personality to any domestic and non-domestic environment. Wallpapers, floors and wall coverings with the value of authentic works of art find their highest expression with Ornami, creating glimpses and panoramas of great beauty. The strength of this brand is expressed in the constant ability to understand the style of one’s time, creating unique furniture choices destined to last over time.

Ornami Products

Ornami’s work is divided into wallpapers, floors and wall coverings where great importance is given to the use of color, materials and combinations that are not only visual, but also tactile. Every sense is solicited, stimulated, challenged to grasp the delicate graft that these three dimensions create around the viewer, inviting him to immerse himself in an artfully orchestrated panorama.

The wallpapers range between geometric suggestions and conceptual expressiveness, finely orchestrated to give luster to the flat surfaces of walls and partitions. Colors and designs give life to unique scenarios, modulated to adapt to particularly heterogeneous contexts.

Wall Coverings

Or.nami floors come to life from tradition and natural wood, meticulously shaped to unleash its maximum potential. The tables are selected on the basis of the required aesthetic result, creating more or less “agitated” taste effects. Each Ornami product is made by hand, using tools specially designed to create perfect finishes.

Finally, Giulio Cappellini’s Le Trame creates the last precious footnote to this company’s offer. The wall coverings are transformed here into a material and profound picture, an embroidery made up of threads that intertwine in an unexpectedly orthogonal texture, and then unfold free to infinity.

Ornami dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions collaborates with Or.nami for the creation of multi-dimensional furnishing projects, where every part of the house, from the walls to the floors, is carefully measured and personalized in order to create a truly “tailor-made” composition for the customer.