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Salvioni is Pedretti Home official dealer

The Pedretti Home company was born from the love for the architectural beauties of the past and the noblest materials that have always made the Italian peninsula famous throughout the world. Marble and stone are therefore the foundation of the company’s production as well as the solid foundation on which stylistic research based on design, passion and great design expertise rests. Founded in Trento, Pedretti Home pursues a production idea based on stone revisited in a contemporary key to which the precious petrified wood is added and declined in a unique and almost impossible to emulate collection of furnishings.

Pedretti Home Furniture

Pedretti Home bases its stylistic research on petrified wood, an extremely rare stone that forms only in certain circumstances and which dates back to none other than the period between the Jurassic and Triassic when major volcanic eruptions buried the trees of some windows. From this chemical and organic miracle the company extrapolates unique furnishing elements that are inherently difficult to find elsewhere, creating works of furniture for the home that range from lamps to benches, from tables to wine displays and much more.

Pedretti Home Design

Each Pedretti Home furnishing element is artfully designed to enhance the materials it is made of and celebrate the uniqueness of each one. This philosophy arises not only from the artistic direction of the company made by Simone Pedretti, but also from the collaboration with high-end designers who have made their knowledge and skills available to create high-level synergies. Names like Superluna and Martina Castagna are just the first to give the sophisticated imprint of each furnishing element.

Pedretti Home Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Pedretti Home collaborate to offer their customers a unique variant of stone and marble furnishings, offering distinctly iconic objects that fit well within multipurpose environments where the need for a touch of class is felt. The numerous proposals of the brand are displayed in the Salvioni showroom network in Milan, Lugano and Como.