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Salvioni is Penta official dealer

Penta Light is located in Brianza, one of the leading companies in the lighting design sector. Penta lamps stand out for their elegant style and the great richness of the materials used, combined in an effective and creative way. Penta has a strong personality, which creates unique and evocative atmospheres characterized by a strong cosmopolitan glamor, without sacrificing the functionality. With various models of floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps, appliques lamps and outdoor lighting products, the Penta catalog is able to offer the right solutions for every need.

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Versions Penta Glo Pendant Light

Penta Glo Pendant Light Single Unit Single Unit

Price starting from
€ 378,00

Penta Glo Pendant Light Cluster Cluster

Price starting from
€ 3.617,00

Penta Glo Pendant Light Penta Glo Pendant Light Carlo Colombo 

Price starting from
€ 378,00

Penta lamps

Penta was founded in 1975 in the heart of Brianza, the historic cradle of Italian design. The Penta production is wide and varied, starting from the splendid suspension lamps such as the Glo model by Carlo Colombo, with a strong visual impact, the M.O.M. by Umberto Asnago, with their colors and refractions, or the Wonder lamps by Bartoli Design. An entire line of the Penta catalog is dedicated to fabric pendant lamps, one of the brand’s major strengths.

Penta design

Penta lamps can count on a parterre of excellent brands, which brings together some of the biggest names in the contemporary Italian design. Professionals such as Nicola Gallizia, author of the iconic suspension lamp Jei Jei and Umberto Asnago, author of the lamps series Mamì, have worked with the company. Also remarkable are Carlo Colombo and Carlo Bartoli, flanked by the young emerging artists Sara Moroni and Matteo Bianchi.

Penta official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Penta dealer. With its showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni group is a reference point for Italian and international design in every aspect, including lighting, in complete and coordinated projects. The interior designers Salvioni have a vast experience of residential projects realized all over the world