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Salvioni is Plyus official dealer

A futuristic and surreal design, capable of intertwining tasteful elements with real trendy artistic choices. Plyus was born from its creator Roman Plyus and his radical imaginative ability capable of giving life to furnishings whose design challenges the rules of style and any convention, giving space to pure creative imagination. The Plyus projects stand out for their strong sense of the extraordinary and the unusual combined with soft lines and soft colors that soften the whole.

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Versions Plyus Bunny Chair

Plyus Bunny Chair Plyus Bunny Chair Roman Plyus 

Versions Plyus Croissant Sofa

Plyus Croissant Sofa Plyus Croissant Sofa Roman Plyus 

Versions Plyus Luminous Table Lamp

Plyus Luminous Table Lamp Plyus Luminous Table Lamp Madina Tsarikaeva 

Versions Plyus Memory Nightstand

Plyus Memory Nightstand Plyus Memory Nightstand Roman Plyus 

Versions Plyus Mirror Gold

Plyus Mirror Gold Plyus Mirror Gold Madina Tsarikaeva 

Versions Plyus Mushroom Floor Lamp

Plyus Mushroom Floor Lamp Plyus Mushroom Floor Lamp Roman Plyus 

Versions Plyus Nautilus Chair

Plyus Nautilus Chair Plyus Nautilus Chair Roman Plyus 

Versions Plyus Prima Floor Lamp

Plyus Prima Floor Lamp Plyus Prima Floor Lamp Roman Plyus 

Versions Plyus Puzzle Coffee Table

Plyus Puzzle Coffee Table Plyus Puzzle Coffee Table Madina Tsarikaeva 

Versions Plyus Unity Floor Lamp

Plyus Unity Floor Lamp Plyus Unity Floor Lamp Roman Plyus 

Plyus Furniture

The numerous Plyus creations are divided into different furnishing elements for the home, ranging from the living area to the sleeping area without neglecting the lighting and dining space. The choices of finishes and particularly material colors are interesting, capable of giving not only visual but also tactile sensations.

Plyus Design

Among the numerous Plyus creations we mention the Fjord chair, halfway between a flower and a seed, and Zond, a curious mix of geometries and materials; the Legend Sofa whose inspiration comes from the legendary Porsche 911; the Unity floor lamp whose alien design is a legacy of the lockdown period matured and reworked by its creator; the Madina chair, romantic and extremely elegant inspiration; the Lovers sofa, born from the union of two armchairs held in an embrace; Mrs-1, one of the luckiest elements of the collection which has managed to capture international taste thanks to its simple and well-calibrated geometries and much more.

Plyus Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Plyus have created a partnership aimed at enhancing an unconventional but strongly inspired furniture design, which aims to shift international taste towards soft lines and bold stylistic choices. The company’s numerous creations are available in the Salvioni showroom network in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo.