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Salvioni is Poltronova official dealer

Great protagonist of the adventure of Italian Radical Design, the Tuscan brand Poltronova is a real cult among design enthusiasts. This company is the daughter of the genius of the eclectic entrepreneur Sergio Cammilli and his meeting with Ettore Sottsass, who was the artistic director of the brand for over a decade, placing at the center of the aesthetic revolutions that shocked the world of design in the 60s. The brand is now experiencing a second youth thanks to the impactful and visionary aesthetics of its products, also loved in the fashion world and by the most renowned influencers.

Poltronova History

Poltronova was founded by Sergio Cammilli in 1957 in Agliana, in the province of Pistoia. The meeting with Ettore Sottsass, active in Tuscany as artistic director of Bitossi ceramics, dates back to the following year. Sottsass took care of defining the aesthetics of the new brand in a post-modernist sense, also involving numerous young and revolutionary designers who gravitated in his orbit in the project. It was at the end of the 60s that these creative ferments definitely exploded, giving life to products destined to enter the history of design such as the Ultrafragola mirror by Sottsass himself, the Mies armchair by Archizoom Associati or the Joe armchair by the De Pas studio, D’ Urbino, Lomazzi.

In the 1970s Poltronova also became a protagonist of the Milanese scene through the Design Center gallery, founded by Cammilli himself in the city centre. The brand will continue to remain active and lively even in the 80s, a decade in which it dedicated itself above all to the production of furniture by great post-modernist architects such as Hans Hollein and Paolo Portoghesi, and in the 90s, when it will accompany the beginnings of a new generation of designers like Ron Arad and Nigel Coates. Cammilli’s progressive detachment will lead Poltronova towards years of decline, culminating in the company’s bankruptcy.

The historical memory of the brand was kept alive by the activity of Roberta Meloni, founder of the Centro Studi Poltronova. Through a high-profile cultural activity and careful cataloging of the archive, the Poltronova Study Center has managed to keep a precious legacy intact, in a process that lasted several years and culminated with a relaunch of the Poltronova brand on international markets. Today Poltronova, not forgetting its essential cultural legacy, has also discovered itself as a “fashionable” brand par excellence, peeking out in the shots of supermodels such as Bella Hadid or great actresses such as Lena Dunham.

Poltronova Design

Poltronova has collaborated over the years with all the biggest names in radical Italian design. First of all Ettore Sottsass, for a long time the brand’s art director, also followed by some historic collectives of Tuscan designers such as Superstudio and Archizoom Associati who, ahead of their time, began to question the rationalist design dogmas prevailing at the time. Other great designers who have collaborated with Poltronova over the years include the De Pas studio, D’Urbino, Lomazzi, Ron Arad, Nigel Coates, Hans Hollein and, more recently, the eclectic Bethan Laura Wood.

Poltronova official dealer

The Salvioni Design Solutions group is an official Poltronova dealer. The brand’s eclectic furnishings give a touch of fantasy to the Salvioni showrooms, located among Milan, Lugano and Brianza. The Salvioni team of interior designers is available to customers and enthusiasts to guide them on an exciting journey through the best of design history, with the aim of creating the ideal home for each one.