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Salvioni is Reflex official dealer

Starting from a solid experience in the use of crystal applied to furniture, the company Reflex Angelo has developed over the years a complete system of luxury furnishings in which Murano glass is effectively coordinated with other precious materials such as marble, wrought iron and wood. Reflex furniture draws on the great experience of Venetian craftsmanship, enriched by the experience of the great masters of contemporary design who have designed a complete collection that ranges in all the different rooms of the house: tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs, storage units, beds and lamps.

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Versions Reflex Ark Desk

Reflex Ark Desk Reflex Ark Desk Massimo Scolari 

Versions Reflex Bastide Chair

Reflex Bastide Chair Reflex Bastide Chair Andrée Putman 

Versions Reflex Galassia Table

Reflex Galassia Table Reflex Galassia Table Giuseppe Viganò 

Versions Reflex Impact Sideboard

Reflex Impact Sideboard Reflex Impact Sideboard  

Versions Reflex Vela Office Chair

Reflex Vela Office Chair Reflex Vela Office Chair Pininfarina 

Reflex furniture

Reflex was born from the historical glass experience of the founding family, dating back to the ‘40s. The company was among the first to use solid glass as a base for the tables and this guaranteed the first great successes, multiplied then with the expansion of the collection to the rest of the house. Reflex is today synonymous of luxury, with a catalog full of proposals finely decorated with the best materials.

Reflex design

Reflex has been collaborating for years with several important designers from all over the world: has created projects with Sacha Lakic, author of the Onda furniture collection, Massimo Scolari, with its series of tables, coffee tables, desks and sideboards Ark, Marco Piva, who designed the Reglax chair in serigraphed glass, Andrée Putman, Pininfarina, Gino Carollo, Chiara Andreatti, Giuseppe Viganò and Riccardo Lucatello.

Reflex official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Reflex dealer. With offices in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni group offers a vision of complete interior design down to the smallest detail, with a design that takes into account all the rooms of the house. The Salvioni logistics is equipped for shipments and assembly all over the world.