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Salvioni is Riva1920 official dealer

The company was founded in 1920 in the heart of the “Brianza del Mobile” in a small shop specialized in the production of solid wood furnitures. During the next fifty years, the classic style of Riva1920 craftsmanship combined with the extreme enhancement of living wood has become hallmarks of the brand, internationally known today as the top range representative in woodworking.

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Versions Riva 1920 Bree e Onda Table

Riva 1920 Bree e Onda Table Riva 1920 Bree e Onda Table Passon & Savorgnani 

Versions Riva 1920 Clessidra Stool

Riva 1920 Clessidra Stool Riva 1920 Clessidra Stool Mario Botta 

Versions Riva 1920 Curve Bench

Riva 1920 Curve Bench Riva 1920 Curve Bench Brodie Neill 

Versions Riva 1920 Fiord Stool

Riva 1920 Fiord Stool Riva 1920 Fiord Stool Marc Sadler 

Versions Riva 1920 Grangusto Kitchen

Riva 1920 Grangusto Kitchen Riva 1920 Grangusto Kitchen Marc Sadler 
Riva 1920 Kauri Table Riva 1920 Kauri Table  

Versions Riva 1920 La Cucina Kitchen

Riva 1920 La Cucina Kitchen Riva 1920 La Cucina Kitchen Matteo Thun 
Riva 1920 Maui Armchair Riva 1920 Maui Armchair Terry Dwan 

Versions Riva 1920 Molletta Bench

Riva 1920 Molletta Bench Riva 1920 Molletta Bench Baldessari & Baldessari 

Versions Riva 1920 Piano Design Bookshelf

Riva 1920 Piano Design Bookshelf Riva 1920 Piano Design Bookshelf Renzo Piano, Matteo Piano 

Riva1920 furniture

The solid tradition of the company placed in the Cantù district combined with many successful collaborations with more than 100 internationally renowned designers, have allowed the company to explore and test the skills of its artisans in all fields of furnishings producing furnitures in walnut, cherry, maple, oak and larch. Indoor and outdoor solutions include tables, such as the Bedrock by Terry Dwan, beds, chairs, stools, kitchens and home accessories.

Unique pieces are also the Earth tables, created in collaboration with the architect Renzo Piano, and the Kauri Beam table where the naturalness of the wood blends with the transparency of the natural resin in order to give life to an evocative light and shade effetc. Finally, the Pangea model, designed by the architect De Lucchi for Expo 2015, signed a great success. In the Authentic Living collection created in collaboration with Lamborghini, the absolute skill in the use of wood adds elegant combinations of leather and hide leather.

Riva 1920 is also able to offer many elegant models of modular bookcases in solid wood, completely customizable. To name but a few, the Freedom or the Lignea Tower by Michele de Lucchi, made from a single block of cedar, or the multi-layered solid wood sideboards like the Rialto by Giuliano Cappelletti. Each piece is signed by the unrepeatable signature of the natural wood able to ensure the unicity of Riva1920 brand.

Riva1920 design

Riva 1920 is known for its willingness to experiment and for the courage to rely on many emerging young designers. Many examples include solutions such as the characteristic Molletta bench by Baldessari and Baldessari, the Curve Bench by Brodie Neill and the Spazzola by Fabio Lo Jacono. Great value have also the collaborations with other architects and designers such as Mario Bellini, Mario Botta, Andrea Branzi and Marc Sadler.

Riva1920 official dealer

The historic headquarters of Salvioni is situated few kilometers away from Riva1920. Thanks to this proximity, the customers can always visit with the team of Salvioni architects and interior designers the Riva Center, where the brand has its corporate showroom and the peculiar Wood Museum. The close proximity between these two companies has encouraged the creation of a long-term partnership with various brand products displayed in the Salvioni showrooms in Inverigo, Milan and Lugano.