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Salvioni is Roda official dealer

RODA was founded in 1990 in Gavirate in the province of Varese from the intuition of its founder, Roberto Pompa, to create a 100% outdoor quality brand, characterized by an indoor taste.
Since the early years, RODA was in fact the first company in the furnishings field beginning to think of designing collections that have the same cultural matrix of the interior, so close to the outdoor furnishings, to be able to interface harmonically with them.
The crowning of this pioneering IN & OUT concept, which will then become the symbol of the company, is the partnership established in 2004 with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni from which was born the famous Network collection.

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Versions Roda Arena Outdoor Sofa

Roda Arena Outdoor Sofa Roda Arena Outdoor Sofa Gordon Guillaumier 

Versions Roda Astra Outdoor Armchair

Roda Astra Outdoor Armchair Roda Astra Outdoor Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Roda Dandy Outdoor Sofa

Roda Dandy Outdoor Sofa Roda Dandy Outdoor Sofa Rodolfo Dordoni 
Roda Eden Outdoor Sofa Roda Eden Outdoor Sofa Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Roda Eolie Sun Lounger

Roda Eolie Sun Lounger Roda Eolie Sun Lounger Gordon Guillaumier 

Versions Roda Estendo Outdoor Sofa

Roda Estendo Outdoor Sofa Roda Estendo Outdoor Sofa Luca Pevere 

Versions Roda Harp Outdoor Chair

Roda Harp Outdoor Chair Roda Harp Outdoor Chair Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Roda Harp Outdoor Stool

Roda Harp Outdoor Stool Roda Harp Outdoor Stool Rodolfo Dordoni 
Roda Laze Outdoor Armchair Roda Laze Outdoor Armchair Gordon Guillaumier 

Versions Roda Leaf Outdoor Coffee Table

Roda Leaf Outdoor Coffee Table Roda Leaf Outdoor Coffee Table Gordon Guillaumier 

Versions Roda Levante Outdoor Table

Roda Levante Outdoor Table Roda Levante Outdoor Table Piero Lissoni 

Versions Roda Nap Outdoor Armchair

Roda Nap Outdoor Armchair Roda Nap Outdoor Armchair Gordon Guillaumier 

Roda phylosophy

In 2007, Roda presents the catalog that has even more clearly codified this innovative approach to the world of exterior and interior design.
It is a well-structured, complex and complete project, guided by the precise work coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, which revolves around well-defined principles that guide the entire production: the sense, the perception, the versatility, the personalization and the ability to adapt to every environment. Over the years, Roda have created many collections of furniture that are not simply positioned outside, but belong to the outside, reaching a unique and unrepeatable symbiosis, a sort of mimetic design.

Roda designers

Strenghtened by the artistic direction of Rodolfo Dordoni, the creative team of RODA is completed by Gordon Guillaumier and the stylist and colorist Gabriella Zecca. Over the years there have also been added prestigious collaborations, including Michael Anastassiades, Piero Lissoni and Antonino Sciortino, which have helped to consolidate the sophisticated taste of RODA.

Roda official dealer

Salvioni has been for years a dealer of RODA, proposing a complete and evocative display of its collections in the showrooms of Inverigo, Milan and Lugano. The quality and solidity of the collaboration with the brand also allows Salvioni to offer its consultancy and a highly specialized furnishing service for every type of requirement on outdoor furniture.