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Since its foundation, Rugiano has been able to distinguish itself for the quality and style of its furnishings, refined and structured to acquire value over the years. Each Rugiano piece lives thanks to its unique and perfectly recognizable cut, the result of collaboration with prestigious architects and internationally renowned designers combined with the company’s craftsmanship expertise. Rugiano produces furniture for the night area and the living area where a wise use of materials is intertwined with their impeccable quality. Woods, leathers, stones and metals succeed in the difficult task of creating refined collections, suitable for any room in the house.

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Versions Rugiano Ambra Armchair

Rugiano Ambra Armchair Rugiano Ambra Armchair  

Versions Rugiano Atlanta Sideboard

Rugiano Atlanta Sideboard Rugiano Atlanta Sideboard  

Versions Rugiano Boheme Night Storage Unit

Rugiano Boheme Night Storage Unit Rugiano Boheme Night Storage Unit  

Versions Rugiano Grace Bed

Rugiano Grace Bed Rugiano Grace Bed  

Rugiano furniture

Rugiano expresses its potential in both indoor and outdoor furnishings, offering its customers a vast choice of tables, chairs, sofas, chaise longues, pouf armchairs, coffee tables, and sunbeds. Also interesting are the proposals for vases, mirrors and lamps, characterized by an elegant style. The interior stands out for the fine selection of beds, available in different sizes and personalities depending on whether the customers want more or less evident headboards with inserts and finishes of great value. No less interesting are the associated bedside tables and chest of drawers, an ideal complement to the Rugiano style. Unmissable are the toilets and benches to be combined in the sleeping area, to which consoles and tables are also added.

Rugiano design

For the living area Rugiano offers numerous tables and chairs in different materials plus a valid range of choice for sideboards and containers in different materials. Bookcases, TV furniture and fireplaces find space next to large and voluptuous sofas and armchairs, designed to guarantee maximum comfort and resistance to prolonged use. Coffee tables and carpets complete the catalog for the living area, further embellished with numerous accessories. Lamps and different lighting options combine to create atmospheres of great beauty in every room of the house, whether you choose a floor, wall, ceiling or table lamp. Either way, the result is perfect.

Rugiano official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Rugiano collaborate to offer their customers classy furnishing solutions, unique in their style. The various products in the catalog are available in the Milan and Inverigo showrooms but above all in Lugano, where it is best able to express its compositional potential.