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Salvioni is Schiffini official dealer

Schiffini is a company that can boast an illustrious past, a history of success and creativity whose origins lie in the tradition of naval furnishings which later transformed into the production of modular kitchens. The world of kitchens and industrial design of the 70s saw its ideal culmination with Schiffini also thanks to the precious guidance of the art director of the time, Vico Magistretti, an emblem of innovation and stylistic inspiration whose contribution gave life to revolutionary kitchen models such as Cinqueterre, Solaro and Cina.

Schiffini kitchens

The history of the Schiffini company has seen numerous phases of expansion and consolidation. The solid artistic direction of Vico Magistretti has contributed to creating unique and iconic kitchen models such as the Cinque Terre and Cina, characterized by the large hood that dominates the scene. This peculiar design detail often occurs in Schiffini kitchens and sets them apart from the crowd. No less interesting, however, are the finishes used and the particular stylistic choices applied to make each model universal and personalized to different furnishing tastes.

Schiffini design

The recent acquisition by the Scic company has led Schiffini towards a new expansion and relaunch of its image which today appears young, dynamic and modern, capable of creating new trends and keeping up with a constantly evolving and moving market. The creation of high-end kitchens remains firmly in first place under the new artistic direction of Toan Nguyen and is colored with further ideas and influences for products related to the dining space such as dining tables and chairs of great artistic value.

Schiffini official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Schiffini collaborate to offer their customers a unique taste alternative, which favors Italian Design and carries on a tradition of inestimable value born from the ability to imagine kitchen and dining environments from all over the world. The brand’s kitchens are available in showrooms in Milan, Como and Lugano.