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Salvioni is Selva official dealer

Among the leading names in the Verona district of classic furniture, Selva is a renowned and refined artigianal cabinet-making, with a varied production and attention to the smallest details. Selva’s furnishing catalog is divided into two main brands: the Selva Timeless collection, with classic furniture, and the Philipp Selva line, which offers a complete and integrated luxury style furnishing system, ideal to meet all the needs of a high-class cosmopolitan clientele. To all this, the company adds the intense contract business carried out by the Selva Hospitality division, specialized in large projects such as hotels and restaurants.

Selva Timeless

Established in 1968, Selva has been active in the production of stylish furniture according to a widespread and top-level craft experience. Behind suggestive names such as Bellagio or Villa Borghese there are collections of valuable furniture that take care of all the rooms of the house: from the dining area, with tables, chairs and sideboards, to the living area, with sofas, armchairs and bookcases, reaching the sleeping area, with beds, wardrobes and bedside tables.

Philipp Selva

The brand Philipp Selva, of more recent birth, bears the name of the current president of the company and is designed to bring the quality and richness of the Selva offer into new emerging markets. It does so through the proposal of a “total living” style, in line with the latest trends of the contemporary taste and with the needs of an elite clientele. The artistic direction of the brand is beared by the designers Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli, but the Philipp Selva catalog also includes furniture signed by international designers such as Peggy Norris and Toshiyuki Kita.

Selva official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Selva dealer. With its showrooms in Lugano, Milan and Inverigo, the Salvioni Group offers a 360 ° look at the world of furniture and design, guaranteeing a complete and coordinated design service for all the rooms in the home.