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Salvioni is Simmons official dealer

Simmons is the most renowned brand in the field of mattresses and sleep culture. Sleep is sacred for Simmons: every product is carefully studied down to the last detail to guarantee the best quality of rest and maximum comfort at night. The quality of Simmons proposals is proven by a long history of success: the brand was in fact founded in 1870 directly by the inventor of spring mattresses, the American Zalmon G. Simmons. In addition to its famous mattresses, the Simmons catalog also offers everything you need to ensure maximum rest: topper, pillows and duvets.

Simmons mattresses

For Simmons, the mattress is the most important component of the bed: this is why all Simmons mattresses are designed with specific ergonomic features to perfectly adapt to each person’s needs. The heart of the Simmons range is the Beutyrest line of luxury covered spring mattresses, characterized by the particular value of the materials used and divided into the Elite, Platinum and Quietude collections.

The spring mattresses of the Deep Sleep line, can boast an excellent rigidity. The memory foam mattresses of the Trycel Memored line harmoniously model around the body profile. The latex mattresses of the Natural Care line use natural materials. There is also a collection explicitly dedicated to mattresses for children, whose body has different characteristics and needs to lie down on specially designed structures.

Since the time of Zalmon G. Simmons, the Simmons Bedding Company has grown a lot: the company is no longer concentrated only in the United States, but has several production sites all over the world. In Italy Simmons is produced by the Formenti Group of Bovisio Masciago, thus combining the shape of a brand with international prestige and the renowned quality of Made in Italy and its raw materials.

Simmons complements

For a perfect rest, however, a simple mattress is not enough: this is why Simmons also offers a series of soft and light quilts of high quality, a line of comfortable topper handcrafted that further increase the comfort of mattresses and a collection of pillows of different densities, suitable for every preference.

Simmons official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Simmons dealer. The Salvioni group has stores in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and deals with interior design and interior design in all its aspects, relying only on suppliers of proven quality and at the top of their sector. The Salvioni logistic Salvioni has extensive experience in managing projects all over the world, through international shipments or on-site assembly.