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Salvioni is Tato official dealer

Tato is a company specialized in the production of high-end furniture with an exquisitely essential and minimalist style. The functionality-oriented design and the choice to create pure shapes without unnecessary frills give it a Nordic character that goes well with the contemporary taste of “furnishing more with less”. Among Tato’s numerous creations it is right to mention lamps and living room furniture available in numerous possibilities of bookcases, seats and tables. Equally interesting is the range of lighting proposals, which range from table lamps to pendant lamps, without neglecting floor and wall lamps.

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Versions Tato Arenzano Floor Lamp

Tato Arenzano Floor Lamp Tato Arenzano Floor Lamp Ignazio Gardella 

Versions Tato Coppa Aperta Wall Light

Tato Coppa Aperta Wall Light Tato Coppa Aperta Wall Light Ignazio Gardella, Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua 

Versions Tato De-Lux Floor Lamp

Tato De-Lux Floor Lamp Tato De-Lux Floor Lamp Gio Ponti 

Versions Tato Doppio Vetro Wall Light

Tato Doppio Vetro Wall Light Tato Doppio Vetro Wall Light Ignazio Gardella 

Versions Tato Jil Table Lamp

Tato Jil Table Lamp Tato Jil Table Lamp Lorenza Bozzoli 

Versions Tato Luna Floor Lamp

Tato Luna Floor Lamp Tato Luna Floor Lamp Gio Ponti 

Versions Tato Netta Pendant Light

Tato Netta Pendant Light Tato Netta Pendant Light Antonia Astori 

Versions Tato Siderea Table Lamp

Tato Siderea Table Lamp Tato Siderea Table Lamp Alberto Rosselli 

Versions Tato Tre Maniglie Trolley

Tato Tre Maniglie Trolley Tato Tre Maniglie Trolley Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua 

Versions Tato Trecentosessanta Armchair

Tato Trecentosessanta Armchair Tato Trecentosessanta Armchair Eugenio Gerli 

Tato Furniture

Among the numerous Tato proposals, some stand out for the originality of the style as well as the careful choice of materials used. Among the large number of lamps it is impossible not to mention the Beghina and Biba collections. The Jil and Lady table lamps are iconic, testimony to unparalleled structural wisdom. More material is the Leina table lamp which we combine with Luna and Netta.

The Tato furniture section stands out for the presence of the Angolo armchair and the Fagiolo sofa, iconic elements with a simple appearance. No less relevant is the Modulare bookcase and the Lido armchair which are flanked by the Monforte chair and the Montercarlo table. The company’s numerous other proposals relaunch in different possibilities and variations a taste for contemporary and playful furnishings, which is not afraid to dare but also at the same time acts as a spokesperson for the most current trends.

Tato Design

Tato’s creations are born from the solid collaboration between the company and internationally renowned designers who have been able to give their own personal touch to each piece. Among the various noteworthy personalities we mention Antonia Astoria and Lorenza Bozzoli, Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua and Ignazio Gardella, Eugenio Gerli and Gianluigi Landoni and so on. The big names in the sector are inevitable, including Gio Ponti and Alberto Rosselli, Alessandro Pisanelli and Matteo Nunziati.

Tato Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Tato collaborate to offer their customers a qualitatively optimal assortment of high-end furniture and lamps, perfect for those who love an essential but particularly refined taste. The company’s proposals are available in the Salvioni showrooms in Milan, Como and Lugano.