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Salvioni is Tre-P & Tre-Più official dealer

Producer of doors among the most historic and renowned in the Italian scene, Trep-P & Tre-Più is divided into three distinct brands, each of which brings to a level of excellence one of the segments in which the world of doors for interior is divided. The Tre-P brand, the first to be born among the three, is in fact dedicated to the traditional high-quality doors, in their classic declinations (swing doors and sliding doors). Tre-Più, as the name implies, proposes instead to go “beyond“, fusing doors and design into avant-garde projects entrusted to the expertise of the most famous international design brands. Finally, the Tre-D brand is a point of reference for the “for all” doors, making high quality solutions available at a competitive price.

Tre-p doors

Tre-P was founded in Brianza in the ’60s, collecting the craft experience typical of the area and putting it at the service of a well-defined industrial project: the “tre P” of the name are in fact to outline many areas of activity, such as doors, partition walls and panels. The Tre-P doors are timeless and always up-to-date products, with timeless models such as the Radar door, with its traditional shapes, or the Libro door, with limited overall dimensions.

Tre più design

The Tre-Più brand was founded in the ‘80s combining the strong technical know-how of Tre-P with the revolutionary ideas of some great designers. From this combination are born products such as the sliding door system and Pavilion panels by Antonio Citterio, the luxurious Rever door by Cini Boeri and the Idea door by Daniel Libeskind. Another important designer with whom Tre-Più collaborated throughout its history was Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, one of the most famous car designers of his time

Tre-P & Tre-Più official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Tre-P & Tre-Più dealer. In its sales points in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, Salvioni offers its customers an idea of an integrated domestic project, in which all the furnishings are harmonized in a conscious manner down to the smallest detail, including doors, panels and all the other elements separation between environments.