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Salvioni is Tréca official dealer

Tréca is a French brand specialized in the production of high-end beds and mattresses, manufactured according to a strictly artisanal method. The tradition of Tréca has its roots in the production sites of Mer in the Loire department, Cher near the castle of Chambord and Reichshoffen in Alsace where the brand was born in 1935. The history of the company begins with Victor Moritz, the founder who created the first spring mattress of the brand that has since made history, becoming the protagonist of the market not only in France, but also internationally. Tréca’s fortune is due to the use of carefully selected noble materials to ensure maximum performance in any condition. Comfort and attention to detail are the real foundations of the production of the brand which has aspired to sleep perfection for years.

Tréca Mattresses

The Tréca catalog alternates between numerous proposals for the sleeping area, ranging from mattresses to headboards, without neglecting sommiers and numerous accessories, an essential complement to every room and bedroom. The mattresses offered range from single to double, including numerous sizes and finishes to better adapt to the needs of the individual. The possibility of choosing between rigid, extra-rigid, airy, comfortable and other variants is essential for finding the right proposal, suitable for everyone’s many needs. Tréca aims to reach all tastes, offering a more than complete range of fibers, coatings, supports and high-tech fabrics.

Tréca Accessories

Tréca materials ranging from Talalay to Phyto Biolana, without neglecting the most recent support measures such as the Air Spring® pocket springs that guarantee progressive comfort that adapts to the curves of the body. The padding includes Royal Alpaca, Arles merino wool, Baby Camel, Baby Lama and numerous other recently discovered fabrics resistant to attack by parasites and pathogens for better usability by allergy sufferers. The numerous Tréca collections among which we mention Paris, Platinum, Couture, Sarah Lavoine and Première range in different and numerous categories, offering a special offer of maximum and exclusive quality for every taste.

In addition to the numerous proposals for beds, bed bases and headboards, Tréca stands out for the proposal of quilts, storage benches, bedside tables, lamps, duvets, pillows, feet and upholstered items of various kinds that fit well within the night spaces but even in more diversified areas of the house where you want to create a relaxing space in the name of comfort and quality.

Salvioni is Tréca official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Trèca collaborate to offer not only an Italian but also an international clientele an extremely high-quality furnishing solution for the sleeping area. The proposals for beds, mattresses, bedside tables and night accessories stand out in the Salvioni selection, offering a high quality alternative for anyone wishing to furnish their home and specifically bedrooms and children’s bedrooms. Constant research into materials, shapes and last but not least technological developments make this brand extremely competitive, a highly relevant option available in the showrooms of Milan, Como and Lugano.