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Salvioni is Tuuci official dealer

The Tuuci company was born in America with the aim of creating sustainable sun protection for any context, declinable in diversified environments and situations in order to create a line of extreme class and elegance, which does not disdain plays of materials and colors. Original solutions and attention to detail guide the company in the creation of diversified elements, where newly invented fabrics and new fibers intertwine, offering extremely valuable results.

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Versions Tuuci Ocean Master Parasol

Tuuci Ocean Master Parasol Tuuci Ocean Master Parasol  

Tuuci umbrellas

Tuuci specializes in the production of umbrellas, gazebos, outdoor loungers, hammocks, awnings, various outdoor accessories and a range of bases and tools to support protective structures against the sun’s rays. The range of products offered ranges in different dimensions, from the most technological to the artistic one, reaching the point of offering real sculptures whose dual function is to amaze and offer shade at any time of day.

Tuuci design

The vastness of the proposals in the Tuuci catalog allow to choose solutions for land as well as for the sea, including structures not only fitted for small sailboats and motorboats, but above all for large yachts where often there is the need for adequate protection in the open sea. In both cases, colors and fabrics allow to wander with the imagination, net of an indisputable quality.

Tuuci official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Tuuci collaborate to offer their customers an assortment of ideal proposals for the outdoors, for the sea and for any outdoor environment where there is the need to protect people and furnishings from the power of the sun. A range of proposals is available within the Salvioni multibrand spaces to better view the available solutions.