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Salvioni is Unopiù official dealer

Unopiù is a company specialized in the production of outdoor furniture and accessories, born in Italy and progressively expanded to reach international markets. Unopiù offers a total look for any type of environment, creating the right assortment of furnishings for each scenario where not only comfort, but also sustainability and permanence over time are of great importance. Unopiù’s stylistic research always pushes towards the boundaries of the most modern technologies and production techniques in order to create unique and identifiable objects in any environment.

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Versions Unopiù Amanda Hammock

Unopiù Amanda Hammock Unopiù Amanda Hammock  

Versions Unopiù Chelsea Outdoor Chair with Armrests

Unopiù Chelsea Outdoor Chair with Armrests Unopiù Chelsea Outdoor Chair with Armrests  

Versions Unopiù Coco Outdoor Chair

Unopiù Coco Outdoor Chair Unopiù Coco Outdoor Chair Andrea Andretta 

Versions Unopiù Coco Sun Lounger

Unopiù Coco Sun Lounger Unopiù Coco Sun Lounger Andrea Andretta 

Versions Unopiù Davos Outdoor Sofa

Unopiù Davos Outdoor Sofa Unopiù Davos Outdoor Sofa Matteo Nunziati 

Versions Unopiù Ginger Outdoor Chair

Unopiù Ginger Outdoor Chair Unopiù Ginger Outdoor Chair  

Versions Unopiù Nanda Outdoor Armchair

Unopiù Nanda Outdoor Armchair Unopiù Nanda Outdoor Armchair Giò Tirotto 

Versions Unopiù Shibuya Pergola

Unopiù Shibuya Pergola Unopiù Shibuya Pergola Ferruccio Laviani 

Versions Unopiù Synthesis Alcove Outdoor Sofa

Unopiù Synthesis Alcove Outdoor Sofa Unopiù Synthesis Alcove Outdoor Sofa  

Versions Unopiù Toscana Outdoor Coffee Table

Unopiù Toscana Outdoor Coffee Table Unopiù Toscana Outdoor Coffee Table  

Versions Unopiù Treble Outdoor Sofa

Unopiù Treble Outdoor Sofa Unopiù Treble Outdoor Sofa  

Unopiù Outdoor

The history of Unopiù begins in 1978, with its foundation and start of the production cycle which led to the creation of the brand’s iconic wooden furniture in 1982. Later the company expanded, becoming a truly international player specializing in the production of outdoor furniture and accessories. The focal point is the creation of garden structures and furniture, lighting and accessories of extreme quality where the use of natural materials blends with the use of cutting-edge production techniques.

The Unopiù catalog stands out for the presence of numerous collections aimed at satisfying the most diverse needs, declining each proposal based on the environment in which it will be placed. Whether it’s gardens, terraces, balconies, poolsides, solariums, winter gardens and more, Unopiù furnishings always manage to stand out by creating the right shades. The inspiration is as always high-end design, but no less relevant are the external influences of fashion, trends, lifestyles and much more. The company rigorously selects each element, creating objects that communicate with each other.

Unopiù Design

Unopiù’s proposals include armchairs and small armchairs, outdoor tables and sofas in different shapes and materials. The coffee tables and sofas are also interesting, in turn associated with chairs and sun loungers. Benches, stools and chaise longues are combined with numerous outdoor accessories such as barbecues, umbrellas, gazebos and much more. The materials are rigorously chosen by Unopiù to resist not only use over time, but also the elements and erosion of the open air.

Unopiù Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Unopiù collaborate to propose an outdoor-style alternative in furnishing the modern home. Knowing how to treat external areas is increasingly important today to create convincing and pleasant outdoor situations. The brand’s proposals are available in the showrooms of Milan, Como and Lugano in complete assortments that highlight their character and enormous compositional potential.