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Salvioni is Wall&Decò official dealer

The Wall&Decò company was founded in 2005 thanks to the photographer and creative director Christian Benini. His artistic eye understood the potential inherent in the backdrops of photographic sets often used to enrich and decorate scenes and settings. The transition to the world of wallpaper has made the fortune of this company which in a few years has found itself furnishing homes and spaces around the world by offering extremely suggestive designs, specifically designed to enrich the aesthetics of any surface. Wall&Deco’s philosophy is not to repeat patterns and geometries typical of traditional wallpaper, but to create macro-images and enlargements with a strong visual impact.

Wall&Decò wallpapers

Wall & Deco’s intuition is combined with the use of excellent raw materials, attention to detail and technological innovations that make possible designs once unthinkable. Even the level of customization of each structure allows very high margins of definition, giving the customer the opportunity to travel with the imagination according to needs. The different collections of Wall&Decò range from the contemporary design of CWC, to the most essential of EWC, to the solutions suitable for wet environments by WET and incredible proposals for the outdoors with OUT.

Wall&Decò design

Numerous designers and collaborations have contributed to enrich and structure the Wall&Decò catalog over time. The most important, Christian Benini, is also the founder, but many others have been able to impress their own touch on wallpapers and installations now present all over the world. We mention here Antonio Marras, Antonella Guidi, Christophe Delcourt, Draga & Aurel, Federico Peri, Giovanni Pesce, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Maria Gomez Garcia, Paolo Castelli, Studiopepe and Tommaso Guerra, but there are many others.

Wall&Decò official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions can now count on the numerous Wall&Decò proposals, a high-end solutions with a highly personalized touch for furnishing interior and exterior walls and surfaces with different adaptations. News and brand icons can be freely viewed in the company’s multi-brand stores.