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Salvioni is WallPepper® official dealer

 WallPepper® was born as a company completely dedicated to the design, creation and distribution of wallpaper for the home interiors. The high quality of this brand, together with the amazing ability to renew itself and experiment with new techniques and styles, have made its fortune allowing it to carve out an exclusive and extremely high-quality space since its foundation.

The WallPepper® experience focuses on giving life to unique compositions, where materials and innovation combine to give rise to creative and emotionally charged images, subdivided into collections with a strongly denoted and characterizing mold. A wall set up by WallPepper® acquires thickness and personality, giving a distinctive touch to every room in the home.

WallPepper® paper walls

WallPepper® collections are divided into different moods and styles in order to give the widest possible range of choices to their customers. The Ambiente series is defined by the search for natural designs focused on plants, animals, landscapes and themes ranging from mountain to jungle, from ancient to new and so on. The style is strongly variegated, perfect to adapt to everyone’s tastes. The Up-to-date series instead prefers patterns and geometric shapes where the rigor of lines and regular images mixes with the creative inspiration of mixing colors and styles.

Levante is a series that winks to the East, marrying in different colors and declinations the symbols of a world that has been able to make the brush a real art form. Pastel colors, ideograms and engravings are mixed here giving rise to a collection of great effect and personality. Kronos – just like the name – expresses instead the suggestion of time and antiquity of an art that seems to refer more to the world of Ancient Greece: frescoes and optical illusions apply here creating spaces and depth of great suggestion.

Nuances is a series whose charm is concentrated in the play between pencil and colors. Watercolors and brushstrokes are concentrated here to create essential panoramas of fashionable inspiration. Last but not least, Naive is the most playful and light-hearted collection whose themes range from children to more elaborate searches for suggestions. Here the imagination is the master, dominating the scene with strongly inspired looks.

WallPepper® design

The great inspiration of WallPepper® comes from the strength of its designer team whose names include Italian and international designers as well as support from external teams. Their contribution, together with the artistic direction of the company, give rise to always new original solutions, of which we mention the H20, Acoustic and Strong systems. As suggested by the names, these three creations represent particular solutions for situations where the wallpaper requires additional functions as well as purely aesthetic and decorative ones.

WallPepper® official dealer

The WallPepper® wallpapers are displayed in the Salvioni Milano Durini and Salvioni Inverigo showrooms, where they enriches the exhibition spaces with striking colors and nuances. The collaboration with the brand makes it possible to access its exclusive proposals and innovations, plus it’s possibile to count on the experience of the Salvioni team in matching this particular compositional proposal to the furnishing of every environment.