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Laleggera Chair

Riccardo Blumer,

Laleggera Chair

Laleggera was the first chair designed in 1996 by the architect Riccardo Blumer; inspired by the light, efficient and aesthetically impeccable aerodynamic structure of a glider.

Thanks to its injection-molded polyurethane structure and veneered with white maple wood, Laleggera is light in name and in fact. The elegance of the model comply with the dematerialized aesthetics of the nineties. Once assembled, the structure can accommodate the veneer sheets of a double press-shaped coating. Using a procedure also used in the wings of gliders, the chair is “stuffed” and stiffened with injections of polyurethane resin in the lower part of the legs making it resistant. Laleggera is stackable, created with a frame capable of providing sufficient strength to support a person’s weight by itself while polyurethane prevents the risk of embarking with a technique borrowed from the construction of glider wings. The frame, in maple or solid ash, can be covered with various types of wood or finished with a layer of varnish with a wide color range.

The architect and designer Riccardo Blumer has focused his career on exploring the qualities of lightness. The Laleggera chair owes a great deal to its elegant predecessor, the 1957 Superleggera by Giò Ponti, from which it takes its name. While the Superleggera weighs just 1,750 g, with its 2,390 g Laleggera Chair is slightly heavier. Famous all over the world, it won the coveted Compasso d’Oro in 1998, to the great surprise of Alias ​​who had not foreseen requests such as to require the setting up of a special production plant.


Light in name and in fact