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Duetto bed


Letto Duetto

Flou’s bestseller since 1992, Duetto is a multi-purpose bed known for its versatility.

Closed, the bed can serve as a single sofa or single bed thanks to its comfortable roller cushions. In a few moves, however, it can become a double bed thanks to the compartment under the net where it is possible to conceal a second bed eventually extractable with a practical gas piston system.

With this stratagem, Flou allows its customers to save space and revitalize the home corners otherwise useless, without forgetting the style: in its extreme simplicity, Duetto attracts for its elegant and sober shape.

Lastly, the fully removable jacket with velcro closures, available in more than 160 variants, gives the most complete freedom of personalization: from fabric to skin, from Ecopelle to Nabuk.


The freedom of a complete personalization for the rest