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Fil de Fer lamp

Enzo Catellani,

Fil de Fer lamp

Fil de Fer is one of Catellani&Smith’s most famous and iconic lamps. Born from the interweaving of a single aluminum wire illuminated from the inside with miniscule LED bulbs, this icon of the Made in Italy is able to best express the beauty of an inspired design, simple yet incredibly distinctive.

The idea was born almost twenty years ago by Enzo Catellani who invented the prototype but did not perfect the final model. In fact, the work did not satisfy its creator, who for a long time, despite perceiving its potential, did not find the right solution to complete it. When the creative process finally brought it to fruition, Fil de Fer was immediately put on the market, becoming today one of the company’s cornerstones, as well as being the most representative icon of Catellani&Smith.



A work of hands and brain.

Enzo Catellani