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Nemo armchair

Fabio Novembre,

Nemo armchair

Enigmatic and somehow disturbing, the Nemo armchair is designed to be a true sculpture halfway between classic and contemporary, capable of strongly characterizing the environments thanks to the strong theatricality of its shapes.
These resume the features of a human face taken up in a fixed, non-expressive pose, the interior of which has a large, enveloping seating space. The imposing dimensions enhance the monumentality, giving it almost the peculiarity of an art-work.

As in many other works of Fabio Novembre, here is evident the recall to Greek culture in the statuary and the theater – the face also recalls the immobile expression of a mask – and the centrality of the human figure, made abstract in search of a universal beauty. Thanks to its suggestive and solemn touche, Nemo is particularly suitable for furnishing outdoor environments.


An old beauty carved in contemporary geometries