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Domotic and Design | The new frontier of living

Salvioni Design Solutions enters into a partnership with Smartech3 to offer integrated home automation and design furniture services in interior design.

Smartech3, number one in the design and installation of home automation systems, creates integrated furniture systems and cutting-edge technologies tailored to its customers. The integrated work of interior designers and technicians guarantees ad hoc solutions for every taste and need, with an eye towards aesthetics and practicality, determining factors in an ever-changing world.

Domotic has always been synonymous with comfort and relaxation, a new way of living the home aimed at creating a totally personalized tailor-made space, capable of reflecting our needs and requirements like a haute couture suit.

In the chaos of everyday life, a continuous source of stress and pressure, the space of the home plays an increasingly important role for us and for our well-being, transforming itself from a simple refreshment point to a primary source of rediscovered balance and serenity.

The home automation technology intervenes precisely on this point, offering housing solutions and interactive experiences that improve the quality of life and the perception of the environments that surround us. The possibilities are endless: from lighting to audio, without neglecting temperature and air conditioning customizations; every aspect of everyday life can be easily summarized in a few simple “clicks” on your mobile phone or configured based on your schedules and needs.

Even for cinema and art lovers there is no shortage of surprises thanks to Digital Art and the various multiroom systems, capable of following us in any environment with multimedia and interactive contents. However, home automation does not mean only relaxation, but also and above all safety. Security for us and for our loved ones, as well as the certainty of being able to rely on the best automations so that our privacy is never violated.

Specialists in the sector make themselves available to the customer to offer complete advice on customized proposals.