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Luxury Italian Furniture

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Bentley Home
Fendi Casa
Trussardi Casa

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A history of excellence

Made in Italy has always been synonymous with excellence and artisan quality all over the world. The traditional attention to detail combined with the skilful use of raw materials makes this style unique, capable of surviving over time and lead the taste of its era.
Maximum expression of this tendency to excel, the Luxury style stands out for the supreme search for precious materials, design and planning of unparalleled elegance, suitable to satisfy a highly selected group of luxury enthusiasts.

Those who choose Luxury are not simply looking for a piece of furniture, but aim at the discovery of excellence, an unmistakable trademark capable of standing out in the panorama of design proposals.
Shapes, materials and superb use of craftsmanship combine here to create unique products, where quality weaves every single part of the production cycle down to the last final touch.

A single qualified dealer

Choosing Salvioni Design Solutions as your unique dealer for your purchasemeans, means relying on a solid company, which for fifty years has been building its professionalism in the excellence of luxury design. Born in the Brianza area of Made in Italy design, for over thirty years it has been carrying out complete furniture projects all over the world, accumulating great experience with foreign markets.

Courtesy, professionalism, as well as a rich assortment of customer services make Salvioni a company specialized in its field, capable of facing any challenge and meeting the needs of the most demanding customer, from design to after-sales assistance. Nothing is left to chance and the customer will never be left alone until the final completion of the project, as well as achieving the full satisfaction of both parties.

Our proposals

Salvioni Design Solutions has selected four of the leading brands of Made in Italy luxury furniture, declinations of great luxury brands in the field of fashion and cars, offered at very advantageous conditions.