Gufram: special editions for the Bocca sofa and the Cactus coat hanger
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Gufram: special editions for the Bocca sofa and Cactus coat hanger

Gufram is certainly a brand able to dramatically alter the concept of designout of the ordinary and constructing it to propose unique products closer to the pop art than the interior design. Gufram’s products are unmistakable and designed in order to provoke the way of conceiving traditional design, innovation in the materials used and the innate attitude of the company to play with their operas to create irony, avant-garde figurative and dissectionary style.
Two historic branded products, the Bocca sofa and Catus coat rack, are this year coated with new materials.

The Bocca sofa is dressed in gold for Boccadoro. Produced in only 50 specimens, the new “leather” enriches an extremely iconic and legendary furnishing element that has over the years entered the houses of famous artists and contemporary art museums.
Another product revisited is the Cactus coat rack signed by Paul Smith and made in only 169 specimens with a new name: the Psychedelic Cactus. 

This news products is painted by vivid colors able to fully represent the designer’s attitude and aptitude, firmly anchored to psychedelic typical of the ’70s, full of hallucinations and visions.