Internomilanese - the new party dedicated to the Zanotta brandand the 50s
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Internomilanese – The inauguration of the new floor dedicated to Zanotta

To celebrate the new floor entirely dedicated to the 1950s atmospheres of the well-known design brand Zanotta, Salvioni hosted a cocktail party inspired by to retro style in its Salvioni Milano Durini showroom. Thanks to the collaboration with Bar Basso, historic Milanese bar known all over the world for the invention of the Negroni Sbagliato, the evening has taken on a metropolitan as well as Milanese touch, perfect to best enhance the specifically sought-after style of this latter setting.

Zanotta’s precious pieces, inserted by chance in the space dedicated to the metropolis, recall the style and taste of past years, dominated by bright colors, unexpected shapes and a great desire to dare.