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Minotti beds stand out for the care and quality used in the production of each model. The beauty of Minotti design is manifested in knowing how to give life to unique pieces, where the desire to create something recognizable, with a strong personality, is strongly perceived. Double and single beds stand out for the numerous options that can be accessed depending on the material, coverings, shapes and preferred stylistic reference. Fabrics and leathers are widely chosen here between bed frame and headboard, which in turn can be declined in more or less reduced dimensions. Feet and structure range in metal and wood finishes enriched with precious choices that improve their hold and resistance over time. References to classicism and modernity form a catalog capable of surprising and carrying on a concept of excellence every day for bedroom furniture.

Versions Minotti Andersen Bed

Andersen Bed Minotti Andersen Bed Rodolfo Dordoni

Versions Minotti Spencer Bed

Spencer Bed Minotti Spencer Bed Rodolfo Dordoni

Versions Minotti Tatlin Bed

Tatlin Bed Minotti Tatlin Bed Rodolfo Dordoni