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The proposal for Poliform wardrobes includes models with structures ranging from glass to metal, to which elements in melamine are added for finishes and accessories. The hinged, sliding and coplanar openings offer an almost infinite range of colors and possibilities, suitable for both the sleeping area and the home office or living area. The models of the Poliform collection are presented as an assortment of heterogeneous tastes and personalities, partly the result of the contribution of great international designers and partly of the ability of the company’s Research and Development Center to express its skills in ever new and diversified solutions. . The versatility of these furnishings makes Poliform a modern company in step with the times, capable of interpreting the needs of its time and context. Quality and elegance are inevitable in any product, offering a choice of excellence.

Versions Poliform Bangkok Wardrobe

Bangkok Wardrobe Poliform Bangkok Wardrobe Emanuela Garbin – Studio Opera

Versions Poliform Canvas Wardrobe

Canvas Wardrobe Poliform Canvas Wardrobe

Versions Poliform Club Wardrobe

Club Wardrobe Poliform Club Wardrobe

Versions Poliform Cover Wardrobe

Cover Wardrobe Poliform Cover Wardrobe

Versions Poliform Ego Wardrobe

Ego Wardrobe Poliform Ego Wardrobe Giuseppe Bavuso

Versions Poliform Fitted Wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobe Poliform Fitted Wardrobe Rodolfo Dordoni

Versions Poliform Lexington Walk-in Closet

Lexington Walk-in Closet Poliform Lexington Walk-in Closet

Versions Poliform Match Wardrobe

Match Wardrobe Poliform Match Wardrobe

Versions Poliform New Entry Wardrobe

New Entry Wardrobe Poliform New Entry Wardrobe

Versions Poliform Ocean Wardrobe

Ocean Wardrobe Poliform Ocean Wardrobe

Versions Poliform Plus Wardrobe

Plus Wardrobe Poliform Plus Wardrobe

Versions Poliform Sand Wardrobe

Sand Wardrobe Poliform Sand Wardrobe