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Ligne Roset and Salvioni Design Solutions | Chiaroscuro

A unique scenographic experience between lights and shadows, where the intensity of deep blacks, the majesty of the marbles and the elegance of the brasses meet in a perfect balance.

For the Salone del Mobile 2023, Ligne Roset presents its new timeless collection. The scenography named CHIAROSCURO created for the event by LIGNE ROSET and its interior designer, Aurélie Rebmann, highlights the materials and shapes of these pieces, creating a unique design experience. The deep black colour and the brass combine with the marbles to create a mix of rich, subtle and vibrant materials.
One of the most spectacular pieces is the Camma table in Carrara marble by Marie-Christine Dorner, which combines the majesty of Italian marble with the delicacy of the shapes. Michel Ducaroy’s iconic Togo, one of the brand’s key model, celebrates its 50th anniversary and is adorned with a thousand flowers, demonstrating the company’s ability to evolve over time without losing its identity. The Kashima sofa, also designed by Michel Ducaroy, is making a comeback in a warm atmosphere, with its enveloping and comfortable shape.

Another protagonist is Philippe Nigro, an internationally renowned French designer, famous for his ability to combine elegance, functionality and innovation in each of his projects. Nigro’s creativity is expressed in a surprising way through the use of curves, which give the piece of furniture a soft and welcoming appearance. Hémicycle by Philippe Nigro is an elegant and functional seat, suitable for both classic and contemporary environments, demonstrating once again the ability of French design to be at the forefront of the world of furniture. The Hémicycle armchair was designed in close partnership with Mobilier National with the intention of furnishing institutions, public spaces or more traditional habitations, thanks to its elegant and versatile design. The name “Hémicycle” is inspired by the geometric shape of the seat, which has a specific arch on the upper part of the backrest.

The MARECHIARO shelving unit by Philippe Nigro is another of his striking creations, part of the LIGNE ROSET collection. The Marechiaro project questions the traditional use of the bookshelf and its presence in space. It is a dual-function screen-cabinet system which on one side is aimed at storing books and objects that are dear to us, and on the other side is a screen made up of wooden slats assembled in openwork to maintain a certain transparency.

Inside the exhibition, is displayed a SELVANS sideboard by designer Christian Werner, an elegant example of the brand’s know-how. The range is distinguished by the use of a grooved dark stained walnut veneer for the fronts and sides. The width of the channels is 4 mm both at the top and in the hollow. The depth of the grooving is around 3.5 mm, creating a three-dimensional effect on the cabinet surface. The structure of the cabinet is characterised by the interiors, handles and base in chocolat lacquer. The sides and fronts are in grooved dark walnut veneer, giving the cabinet an elegant and sophisticated look. The top of the furniture is made of ceramic stoneware, which makes the unit resistant and durable over time. Thanks to its robust construction and impeccable finishes, the SELVANS furniture is destined to become a classic of contemporary design.
Ligne Roset stands out once again for its bold interpretation of style, borrowing elements from the past and combing them in original and surprising ways. The new collection is a perfect fusion between the opulence of Baroque and the rebellious energy of the 70s, creating a unique and eclectic experience for avant-garde design aficionados. Each piece is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and style, reflecting Ligne Roset’s visionary approach to manufacturing iconic furniture.

The new Ligne Roset collection is displayed at Salvioni via Durini in Milan until 27th April 2023. This is a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the work of this great design brand, renowned across the world for the quality of its products.